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Polarized Bifocals

The sunglasses in this category are good quality polarized bifocal sunglasses. For many years you have probably seen the inexpensive polarized bifocal fishing sunglasses on just about every website including ours and most sport's stores. Those inexpensive styles are good and they get the job done but finally we are getting a new line of quality polarized bifocal sunglasses. The polarized bifocal sunglasses in this premium quality category come with polycarbonate UV400 unbreakable lenses. The bifocal lens is injection molded into the lenses. The polarized lenses are optically correct decentered for optical acuity. The frame is also optical quality and has spring temples for added comfort. The lenses and the bifocal portion are polarized, very rare to find the bifocals themselves polarized in this price range of polarized bifocal sunglasses.